My 1st Malaysia-Singapore Collaboration

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About a week ago some of my pictures were featured in an art/photography assignment from a friend of mine all the way from Singapore. She had asked to feature some of my works in this assignment of her and me being the gracious(ehem!) person that I am (haha) gladly obliged. Here’s the resulting work:



Four of my pictures were featured. Here they are in the original versions and you can click them it’s accompanying post:





Personally, my most favorite photo (apart from mine haha!) would be the top most center one, a good and sharp macro shoot for the railings and ending with a blurred out background. That picture shows a great form of perspective photography with nice contrast and lighting. Not bad at all considering it was taken with a P & S camera, just like all the other pics. And my other favorite would be the candy love sign pic at the top right corner. Can’t believe those candies actually fell on the ground and formed a heart shape accidentally!

And coincidentally, the main focus of this work would be the bigger ‘Candy’ pic on the right…. hmmm I smell Da Vinci Code conspiracy here hehehe. I mean the just above the Candy pic is a pic of the heart shape candies. Now you tell me, is this a sign or what? Hahahaha!

Personally, I am quite flattered and proud (a bit) that my photos were featured in a dear friend’s assignment. Yes I know they aren’t going to an art gallery(yet!) but somehow having my pics helping a dear friend of mine meant a lot to me. Oh ya, another perk is I get free promotion for my site hehe!

Maybe our government don’t see eye to eye but our people sure have lots of love for each other don’t they? Hehehehe…

To that friend of mine, I hope you get fantabolous grades for this assignment of yours because I think you have talent. But do take care not to cut yourself anymore in the future ok?

p/s: I’m always glad to help anyone who needs my pics, as long as they are not for commercial purposes (as stated by my copyright here) and credit is given when due. Just ask me and I’m sure I’ll be glad to let you feature them in your assignments, blogs or books.


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Aurora in the skies.

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Been a while since I’ve posted any front page-worthy photos, so here goes:

You know, I’ve always been fascinated with auroras, basically a light phenomena that happens at night time in certain places around the world like Alaska, North Pole, South Pole and some parts of Australia too I believe. Though we don’t actually get to see these amazing natural performances here in the equator belt or specifically in Sarawak, nonetheless I’ve captured some photos that I think would best resemble auroras, here in the land of the hornbills.

The ‘aurora’ effects here were created from a mixture of cloud formations and lights bouncing off them from sunset. There’s also that spectacular contrast between the red/purplish colors of the cloud and the blue skies. (Photo made with panorama effect)


Try and detect a special feature in this photo. Hint: look at the corner left side.

Yeap, there’s a rainbow there. Can you see it? This alone magnified the aurora-like effect by several folds. Ok, maybe not aurora-like but still amazing though.

For a normal view outside my window, click here and here please.


Another angle, now can you see the rainbow splitting the photo? And the clouds man… they are amazing. I mean they almost don’t look like clouds at all. More like it’s raining Ribena/orange juice or something haha.


Evidently, apart from the abundance of beautiful hot babes, Sarawak also has beautiful skies as well.



Some of the funny stuffs I stumbled upon from TheOnion (I know, I’m addicted to it!).

I wouldn’t mind having this shirt. Hehahaha!


And while looking for safe box pictures for this post, look what I found:

It was supposed to be a picture for the promotion of safe sex but some people just have to spoil the fun by being way too literal. I mean this is literally SAFE SEX!

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Silence is Golden.

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You know, sometimes when I’m under stress (assignments, deadlines, tests, exams, FYP) I tend to snap easily and say pretty stupid things (unintentionally of course). For that I shall remain STFU for this post and just publish some old pictures.

To reduce the dreaded foot-in-mouth disease you see.

Most of these pics were taken with my phone (Motorola) at different dusk time. Since it’s 0.3 megapixels don’t expect anything awesome:

Nope, no further editing/enhancements at all.



The skies, the clouds.



A hint of pink at dusk.

Not the building.


Angle #1. Look at how the sun only hits one spot.





Alright, last one courtesy of my Olympus FE-115. Taken outside my apartment unit at dusk.


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Trip to Malaysia’s famous-est National Park: Bako

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Part 1

Damn, this has got to be the most late (latest?) entry one can put up. I mean the trip was on May 2006 for god’s sake and only now in 2008 I’m writing about it?!

Never mind. Better late than never.

FYI, Bako National Park, Sarawak isn’t a huge sanctuary compared to say Pahang’s Taman Negara, Endau-Rompin or even Mulu National Park. Nonetheless it is very very famous. Mainly because of the abundance of wildlife confined in a small but protected area. Most importantly, those wildlife are easy to be spotted. Equally important is accessibility, Bako is less than an hour’s drive away from Kuching.

All 17 of us chartered a bus and began our journey from Kota Samarahan to Kampung Bako’s jetty at the wee hours of the morning. Reached there, wasted no time and straight away bought speedboat tickets to get to the National Park.

The speedboat ride was ok, kinda scary though if the waves are choppy or big. Took us about half an hour to finally get there.

What greeted us when we first arrived:


The bearded pig which were native to Bako! They were surprisingly not as ferocious as their cousins, the wildboar. Bear in mind, this pic wasn’t taken using a dSLR with telephoto zoom lens, but just a measly Canon A400. Can you imagine how close we were to that animal?


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I went to Phuket last year but never published any photos. So here they are.

Nice emerald colored sea and stretches of sandy beaches packed with Caucasian and Thai bikini babes showing off their hot bods 😉

Can’t believe this place was also the same one devastated by tsunami in 2004. You almost can’t tell.

I believe this is the biggest temple in Phuket.

Close-up of the same temple. Too bad I haven’t learn how to use panoramic shot at that time. Otherwise I could have snapped a full length photo.

Though this place is called Bangla Boxing Stadium, you would not find any people of Bangladeshi descent throwing punches here. Named after the road – Bangla Road.

Interestingly, Bangla Road happens to be the most happening stretch of road in Phuket. The road itself isn’t long – 400 meters the most. But the shear number of clubs, go-go bars, strip club @ tiger show is just mind-boggling. There are multiple lanes on each side of the road that lead to even more clubs – I estimate there to be 80 to 100 clubs and bars on Bangla Road itself.

Interestingly, the road is separated to 2 sides, not physically though – one side is where real girls/women ply their trade and another side is for transvestites/lady boys. Though they’re segregated their job scope pretty much remain the same – waitress/bar girls, accompanying customer, strippers, and probably other jobs as well, if you know what I mean.

Don’t worry though, I was just a spectator and was not involved in any of the activities above 😉

One thing I do notice is how open the society is towards these activities which would have been considered as vices here, in our country. It’s the first time I saw half naked women (and transvestites) dance on a podium/table in an open area. Some would be clad only in their bras and panties and still be dancing just a couple of feet away from the street.

The people who work at the bars in Phuket are also very very friendly. The video below is a testament to that. I was walking around the streets just shooting video with my FE when suddenly these 3 bargirls decided to pose for me. I was a bit taken aback cause they probably thought I was taking a picture. I just said thanks and quickly scramble away hehe.

They are friendly alright. I wonder if the high currency exchange rate has anything to do with that.

And if you’re a guy walking alone (or with other guy buddies) you can be pretty sure some bar girl would grab you and sometimes even hug you just to get you(and your buddies) to drink in their bar.


Don’t let the photo above fool you though, it wasn’t taken at Phuket but at My Top Restaurant here in Samarahan, with my phone. Just to illustrate what you’ll probably be drinking everyday if you decide to go to Phuket. Cheap beer and stouts.

My best photo taken at the famed Patong Beach.

There are lot’s of other photos but I don’t think it’s appropriate to post here. Must maintain the cleanliness of this site you see haha.

Oh in case you’re wondering, this site is rated:


Do you know that band Breaking Benjamin? The one that’s famous with their song Diary of Jane? Well, wayyyyy before they were well known and received tons of air play for that song, I was already listening to them.

Here’s one of my favorite: Forget It. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This song is meant to be a sample only, does not support piracy. If you like the song, please show some support by buying their albums. TQ

Edit: I just found out that some comments were directed to my spam box and I accidentally deleted them when clearing the spam box. Sorry if your comment didn’t appear, I’ll be more careful next time! So keep those comments coming!

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